Monday, April 28, 2008

Main Character

Big day for the game today. The picture posted above is the refined model of our main character. I have a long tradition of not assigning my characters names until my script is finished, and in the process of being made into a feature length movie. For now I’ll call him Indie after my son.

In addition to finishing little Indie, I also wrote the first chapter of the game while in the shower this morning:

Due to various circumstances not detailed in this opening narrative, Indie has lost all of his family members in unrelated calamities associated with 9th century life. He lives with his grandmother Oldpenny deep in Rainy Forest, where the two of them work a fledgling shrimp farm.

Indie sits stroking a dog looking creature while his Grandmother plays with what can only be described as an early etch-a-sketch. All of the sudden a series of loud "bangs" shake the cottage to its foundation. Indie slowly opens the front door to reveal an armed retinue of royal soldiers. The most official looking of the group opens a scroll and reads the following:

"On this day of Marche the 7th, 9th century England, we formally present you the following charges against his majesty's realm. One Cynthia Oldpenny is found guilty of owing taxes in the amount of 20,000,000 golden duckets. How do you plea?"

"Oh deary me" quivers Indie's grandmother.

"Let the record show that the defense has entered a plea of sweet colloquialism. This land is hearby taken into possession of the state and will be sold at auction the 15th of this month unless, of course, you can provide the 20,000,000, plus interest and penalties.

The soldiers pick up Indie's grandmother and carry her out of her home. Indie's mission is 50% clear, he must find a way to raise a crapload of money before his cottage is repossessed.

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