Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Animating Indie

Alright, still haven't figured out a better name for our character, so he remains Indie - who happens to be discontentedly sitting next to me while I write this. Now that I've refined our hero's physique, I am focusing on how he moves.

In the first set he is doing a very simple thrust. This thrust animation will be used for small weapons (i.e. branches and daggers). The bottom picture shows him with a more cumbersome weapon; the bag of rocks. I imagine that this weapon will require a decent amount of wind-up, but will carry a much stronger punch than other weapons available at that point.

My plans for the game heavily focus on the weapon system. I want the player to slowly accumulate an entire arsenal of weapons, each one with different strengths and weaknesses. However, instead of starting out with "the legendary reforged sword of the ancient folk given to him by his grandfather the Uber-King", I want Indie to have to basically scrounge for weapons. He might be forced to start with a broom handle, or a butter knife, or - as posted above - a bag of rocks. Only after visiting his grandpa at the old-folks home does he receive the aforementioned blade.

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Ixobelle said...

excuse me for asking but WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU MAKING A GAME AND NOT INVITING IXOBELLE? i can appreciate that this post is old, and therefore you *may* be excused, but GOD. get on the horn. get me in there. if i die never having contributed to a game in development it's officially your fault.

that is all.